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The Key to Colossal Calves


There are few things as challenging as the battle with body fat for the avid gym goer; resisting a midnight snack, training abs more than once a month, skipping arm …

The Best Time to Take Whey

whey protein

Unanimously sworn by and acknowledged as the Holy Grail of muscle building, few supplements get as much praise, respect and appreciation among bodybuilders and fitness fanatics as whey protein. It’s …

How to Build Bigger Arms

build bigger arms

Almost every gym newbie walks into the gym with hopes and dreams of building a barrel-chest and sleeve-stretching bulging biceps. There’s a lot more to fitness than building a chest …

The Case for Carbs


Carbohydrates have become the villains, evil doers and black sheep of the nutrient world. Want to look better? Cut carbs. Want to banish the flab? Cut carbs. Want a better …

Natural Sources of Creatine

natural creatine sources

Creatine is NOT a steroid. Right, now that’s out of the way we can discuss what creatine actually does, briefly understand how it can benefit your training regime or individual …

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