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Best Suited For

svgbreaking plateaus
svgwomen attempting to conceive
svgwomen with hormonal imbalances

Potential Benefits

svgassists fat loss
svgbalances estrogen
svgenhances brain function
svgincreases lean muscle
svgmood enhancing

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The following ingredients are found in Alpha Venus: Each capsule contains approximately 550mg of a proprietary blend of Broccoli (Brassica oleracea) sprout, Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) extract and Kelp (Fucusvesiculosus). This dynamic selection of super foods have been selected, prepared and combined in the precise ratios for ultimate synergy. The superfoods have been encapsulated for your convenience. Get the results you expect and deserve.

We recommend taking one or two capsules of Alpha Venus twice daily with meals. Alpha Venus is a natural formulation combining super foods from across the world with a long history of use in foods. We recommend a 4 week break after using for 12 consecutive weeks.

Directions for use:

One or Two capsules twice daily with meals or alternatively open the capsules and pour into your smoothie or sprinkle on your salad.

Serving size

1 capsule

Serves per container



Manufactured in Australia using local and imported ingredients at a GMP certified facility for ATP Science Pty Ltd

What is the best time to take Alpha Venus?

We recommend taking Alpha Venus twice daily with meals. Depending on your intended purpose you may also use an extra dose Alpha Venus in times of extra physical and mental demand before exercise or before bed.

How long can I use Alpha Venus?

Alpha Veus is a safe natural formulation combining western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. Traditional herbal medicine systems recommend regular breaks from all supplementation so we recommend a 4 week break after a 12 week cycle.

How long before I can start to see results?

Individual results may vary.

ATP products are formulated for fast absorption and activity.

Alpha Mars and Alpha Venus have a variety of actions. Within 1 hour you may notice improvements to vitality, libido and performance. After as little as 1 week of consistent use you may notice significant improvements in your hormonal profile. We recommend a 6 to 12 week cycle to maximise effects.

Can I use Alpha Venus with T432?

Yes, We recommend you combine the T432 with Alpha Venus as they have a synergistic effect.

Will it cancel out (or effect) the pill?

The amount of questions we have had regarding Alpha Venus and the pill has highlighted the need to remind everyone that supplements and drugs do interact. But please understand that this is not just Alpha Venus and the pill; this also refers to preworkouts and antidepressants; preworkouts and blood pressure meds; blood thinning meds and everything; protein and gout medication; dietary changes and the pill; exercise and the pill etc. etc.

You may have noticed on product labels a particular phrase… “Consult with your healthcare professional before starting any new diet plan, supplement or exercise regime” And you may have seen the statement on webpages and information sheets etc… “We do not diagnose, treat or cure”… These are genuine warnings and cautions and statements to remind you to double check everything. It is impossible for any company to be able to accurately advise each individual of the population of their unique response to treatment and interactions with their particular medications and combinations of medications. It is important to work with a healthcare professional to supervise and monitor changes when you are using any medication as your body fat mass, metabolic rate, dietary intake of antioxidants, oils and fibre etc. all have a massive influence on your response to prescribed medications, even without looking at high dose supplementation. It is neither possible nor viable to study all herbal ingredient interactions with all of the available drugs and there is simply not enough research to be able to neither confirm nor deny interactions. Pharmacists have access to tech data that shows all known interactions with the prescribed medications so the pharmacist is the most likely person to be able to advise on interactions between supplements and drugs but you still must monitor and observe for any unique individual interactions with your prescribing doctor. So the frequent answer for the most frequently asked question is “yes, no, maybe. Nobody really knows! Play it safe if you are worried about contraception but double check and monitor all interactions with all medications when starting any new diet, supplement or exercise plan.”

Beyond The Basics:

  • One or Two capsules twice daily with meals or alternatively open the capsules and pour into your smoothie or sprinkle on your salad.
  • Serving size
  • 1 capsule
  • Serves per container
  • 120
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