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svgenhancing focus.
svgincreasing energy
svgOverweight individuals
svgweight management

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svgboosts metabolism
svgenhances mental focus
svgincreases alertness
svgincreases energy
svgReduces body fat

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T432 Plus

T432 Plus is a unique combination of super foods, herbs and spices from all over the world. T432 Plus combines Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese herbs, Western and South American superfoods selected, prepared and combined. The super foods have been combined with the dietary cofactors: Zinc, Selenium and Iodine. Get the results you expect and deserve.

Throughout history these ingredients have been used in varying amounts in the diet with seasonal fluctuations. We recommend you discuss dosing strategy with your local supplement store.

T432 Plus is a natural formulation combining super foods from across the world with a long history of use in foods. We recommend a 4 week break after using for 12 consecutive weeks.

Directions for use:

One capsule daily with food

Serving size

1 capsule

Serves per container 120


Manufactured in Australia using local and imported ingredients at a GMP certified facility for ATP Science Pty Ltd

Individual results may vary.

ATP products are formulated for fast absorption and activity.

T432 has very fast absorption and activity. Within 1 hour you may experience an increase in energy and body warmth. We recommend a 6 to 12 week cycle to create the ideal hormonal profile to maximise fat loss.

Consult with your pharmacist for interactions with your particular form of contraception.

Can I take T432 Plus along with my thyroid medication?

ATP recommends you only use T432 Plus with thyroid medication under the supervision of your prescribing medical professional. Monitor changes in blood test and body temperature to assess interactions.

Hypothetically T432 Plus can work synergistically with thyroid medication as it is formulated to enhance the efficient conversion and activity of thyroid medication and prevent the formation of reverse T3.

Does T432 Plus have any side effects?

T432 Plus is a herbal formulation.  Individual reactions to herbs and spices may vary. Always take T432 Plus with food to avoid gastric upset in sensitive and susceptible individuals.

How long can I use T432 Plus?

T432 Plus is a safe natural formulation combining western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs with synergistic nutrients. There aren’t any restrictions on how long you can use T432 Plus . Traditional herbal medicine systems recommend regular breaks from all supplementation so we recommend a 4 week break after a 12 week cycle.

Will I gain the weight back when I stop T432?

T432 is used to help support a healthy metabolic rate and maximise your basal metabolic rate. Energy expenditure versus energy intake will dictate your ability to lose or gain weight. Provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle you can maintain your new set point weight without the need for supplementation.

Beyond The Basics:

  • One capsule daily with food
  • Serving size
  • 1 capsule
  • Serves per container 120
  • Manufacturer

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