Powerhouse Health & Nutrition Pty Ltd (aka. Powerhouse Supplements) was founded in 2009 with the aim of offering the largest range of supplements, clothing and accessories at the most competitive prices. But more than that, we wanted to achieve this while offering an unrivalled level of customer service with the most up to date knowledge and advice.

Powerhouse Supplements started off with humble beginnings, not having much start up capital, we commenced operating out of a small shop with a relatively small amount of stock. However, what we lacked in size we made up for in placing a high emphasis on customer satisfaction, creating an extremely friendly, non-intimidating environment. In a short period of time, we out grew our first shop and soon had to move to bigger warehouse style operation. Not only to meet the demands of our customer base but also to pursue one of our main objectives of offering a larger and more comprehensive range of the best supplements at the most competitive prices. Our shop now boasts one of the most complete ranges of supplements, clothing, and accessories in Australia. If we don’t stock it you don’t want it.

Further to this, all the staff at Powerhouse Supplements are active in the industry and live, breathe and sample every single thing we sell. We speak with experience and first-hand knowledge. We don’t merely repeat information on the label, we advise on real-world experience and results. We practice what we preach. Be sure when you shop with Powerhouse Supplements you are getting first-hand knowledge and the best possible advice to help you achieve your fitness goals. We have both male and female staff working at all times so whether your goal is to get big, lose weight, sport specific or just getting into shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the staff at Powerhouse Supplements is here to help.

Our new online store now gives customers across Australia the opportunity to purchase the best supplements at the best prices.

Powerhouse Supplements is an ever-growing enterprise, we are constantly looking for new opportunities and new ways to further improve our level of customer service/satisfaction. So stay tuned…. there is a lot more to come!!!

Carlos Dott

Managing Director