Protein Bars/Snacks

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Horleys RTD Protein Hit 420mlx12 (5kg)
Protein Hit Shake   Delicious high protein shake that’s ready when you are. &n..
Ex Tax: AU$54.95
Horleys Sculpt Protein Bar Box 45gx12
Smart snack solution for women   A deliciously crunchy, satisfying alternative: way ..
AU$49.95 AU$34.95
Ex Tax: AU$34.95
International Protein Pancake Mix (130g)
International Protein’s High Protein pancake mix to create pancakes with a difference.! Not..
AU$19.95 AU$9.95
Ex Tax: AU$9.95
International Protein Pro Nut Spread 400g
Description Pro Nut High Protein Spread comes in Original full roast flavour peanut spread an..
AU$29.95 AU$14.95
Ex Tax: AU$14.95
International Protein R.T.G (Ready To Grow) Protein Bar Box 60gx10
This Ready to Grow (RTG) protein bar from International Protein is a convenient and healthy optio..
AU$59.95 AU$39.95
Ex Tax: AU$39.95
International Protein RTG Protein Drink 375ml x6 box (2.25kg)
Each 375mL R.T.G contains a massive 30g of Protein derived from Casein, Whey Protein Isolate, Whe..
Ex Tax: AU$24.95
ISS Oh Yeah Protein Bar Box 85gx12
Pain should be reserved for workouts, not for tasting protein bars. Reward yourself with the gooe..
AU$64.95 AU$49.95
Ex Tax: AU$49.95
Lenny and Larry's The Complete Cookie 113gx12
The Complete Cookie® has been a top-selling product for Lenny & Larry’s for many years. Th..
AU$64.95 AU$44.95
Ex Tax: AU$44.95
MacroMike Brownies 300g
MacroMike Brownies  The brand new Caramel Crunch Blondies! Our Caramel Crunch Blondi..
AU$44.95 AU$24.95
Ex Tax: AU$24.95
MacroMike Powdered Peanut Butter 180g
MacroMike Powdered Peanut Butter  PB+. Peanut Butter without the guilt!! Our PB+ is ..
AU$29.95 AU$19.95
Ex Tax: AU$19.95
Mars Protein bar by Mars 57gx18 bars (1026g)
Mars Protein bar by Mars •All the deliciousness of a Mars Bar with less calories and added ..
AU$99.95 AU$79.95
Ex Tax: AU$79.95
Max's High Protein Pancakes 3 Serve (300g)
MAX'S High Protein Pancakes make a delicious muscle building meal in just a few minutes. Simply a..
AU$29.95 AU$13.95
Ex Tax: AU$13.95
Max's Muscle Builder Bar 12 x 60g
High Protein Muscle Builder Muscle Builder Bar Protein 22g Carbs 24g L-Gl..
AU$69.95 AU$49.95
Ex Tax: AU$49.95
Max's Muscle Meal Cookies Box 90x12
  24 grams Protein Mass Building Carbs Glutamine Peptides BCAA’s..
AU$59.95 AU$39.95
Ex Tax: AU$39.95
Max's Muscle Meal Protein Bar 85gx12
Complete high protein muscle building meal   Double Choc Crunch and Cookies and Crea..
AU$79.95 AU$49.95
Ex Tax: AU$49.95
Max's SuperShred Bar 60gx12
High Protein Bar is the ideal low carb/high protein snack or meal replacer. Hydroxy Citric Acid i..
AU$79.95 AU$39.95
Ex Tax: AU$39.95