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3 Exercises You Need to Build a Better Butt

Building a better booty seems to be all the craze these days but does it really warrant all the attention it’s getting? Is it really worth all the effort? That’s going to be a yes from us. Over and above giving you an impressive derrière, you will find that your body functions better and your workouts will be more effective going forward.

Your Guide to Calculating Macros

You’ve heard the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen”. Well, if abs are made in the kitchen, then knowing how to calculate your macros is the secret ingredient you need to perfect your recipe. Our bodies are complex machines that depend not only on the right foods but the right quantities to look and feel at their very best.

Body Recomposition: Fact or Myth?

Body composition refers to the ratio of muscle to fat you carry in your body. Body recomposition, then, is the process by which you improve that ratio by increasing the amount of muscle mass you have relative to body fat or decreasing your body fat with minimal loss of muscle.

Increase Your Workout Intensity

Chasing the satisfying feeling of the pump requires intensity and while keeping up your consistency with your gym routine is the most important, maintaining intensity is a close second. Read on to discover proven ways to keep your workouts intense.

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